About Talal's Work

Talal Ahmad is a social entrepreneur, marketer and a personal branding expert.


He has worked with internationally renowned entrepreneurs on different ventures. His experiences in marketing and operations enable him to impact businesses and personal brands, driving growth and scale. Above all, Talal strives to uplift the global student community. 

Tayaba.org is a social enterprise, working to ease water accessibility in rural areas of Pakistan. Through its H2O wheel, Tayaba has created a solution to carry water by ‘rolling’ it in the wheel. Gone are the days when women had to travel long distances, carrying heavy water pots on their heads.

Talal came on board as a volunteer on the team and soon progressed to the founding team as he closely worked on the marketing and operations for the initiative. Talal was also leading recruitment for the social enterprise. Talal actively contributed to different areas of marketing including content creation, business development and marketing strategy formulation.

Tayaba Organisation is also Pakistan’s first and the world’s one of the first few Not-for-profit organisations to implement Blockchain technology in their operations. Talal is one the core team for Blockchain implementation for the enterprise. His areas of work include research for incorporation of Blockchain in fundraising and wheel tracking/tokenization. Tayaba also recently became the first charity to successfully raise funds through an NFT fundraiser.

Tayaba has been appreciate by then Prime Minister of the UK, Mr. Boris Johnson and Nobel award winner, Miss. Malala Yousafzai.

Local and international media alike have praised Tayaba for its efforts to ease water accessibility. 

Web3 Pakistan is an initiative to educate the community on all things web3. Through community building and educational initiatives, the Web3 Pakistan team is striving to create opportunities in Blockchain and web3 for the youth of Pakistan.

Talal is on the founding team for Web3 Pakistan. He has closely worked on all aspects of the initiative including building the foundations of the project, marketing and branding, community building and setting up the IT infrastructure. Talal has now transitioned to the advisory board for the initiative and closely advises on marketing and operations.

ETHBarcelona was Spain’s FIRST ETH conference. Talal was amongst the few Pakistanis who volunteered to turn this event into a reality. ETHBarcelona is a  project about the Ethereum blockchain, cryptocurrency and decentralization.

Talal was working closely with the Head of PR and Communications to assist with marketing, outreach and PR. Coordination with press for the event was also one of Talal’s responsibilities. 

Entremarks is a digital marketing agency, focused on driving growth for startups and early-stage companies. Talal founded Entremarks to help entrepreneurs achieve growth and scale their businesses, at half the cost. 

Being the founder of Entremarks, Talal has been closely working with startups to advise them on their growth and strategies. The agency offers services at special prices for startups as Talal strongly believes in supporting the startup ecosystem. The agency is gradually becoming a launchpad for entrepreneurs to get their businesses up and running. 

Edversity is an e-learning startup, focused on equipping the youth with technological skills that will enable them to start their remote careers. Edversity focused on educating the Pakistani youth on emerging technologies including Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and more.

Talal is the co-founder and the Chief Marketing Officer of Edversity. Talal is responsible for the branding, marketing and operations of the company. Talal is soon transitioning to the Board of Advisors for the company where he will actively advise the team on marketing and PR.

This initiative was an emergency response initiative for the student community of Pakistan. Due to the pandemic and the lockdowns, there was confusion regarding the examination scenario in Pakistan and the sudden announcement that examinations are taking place took the students by surprise. Amidst student protests and their cries for help, Talal came onboard the initiative as a co-founder and created a community between teachers and students, creating an enabling learning environment. The Exam of Crisis became a community of 7000+ students and is now serving as Pakistan’s biggest student-to-student platform.

Talal was the co-founder of the initiative. He worked to set up the community and moderated the community, ensuring smooth contact between learners and teachers. Talal also worked on the marketing and branding of the project along with contributing extensively to operations.

Business Central is a community founded by Talal to foster and nurture entrepreneurship in the youth of his country. Business Central was founded because there wasn’t a community for young entrepreneurs to grow together. Talal created the community that focuses on creating an enabling environment for the growth of entrepreneurs.

By creating an enabling environment, Talal has created a launchpad for young entrepreneurs to actualize their true potential. Talal has made Business Central as a support to the Pakistani start-up ecosystem. With initiatives like Seekho, Founder’s Club, Record and Founders of Tomorrow under the Business Central enterprise, Talal aims to create 10,000 impactful entrepreneurs in the coming 5 years.

Impressum Digital is Talal’s passion project. Founded in 2022, Impressum Digital is a personal branding agency working with founders and entrepreneurs. Under the umbrella of Impressum Digital, Talal works with multi-millionaire entrepreneurs on their personal branding and content creation strategy.

Impressum Digital offers personal branding packages including end-to-end personal branding strategy and execution. Services offered include content creation, PR and online presence management. The agency scales personal brands for entrepreneurs cross-platform.

Dabangg was a social enterprise project at university level. It was aimed to raise awareness regarding the use of digital technologies in business and growth. The revolutionary project was known for bringing several revolutions to business operations and marketing. 

Talal was elected as the CEO of the project, leading a team of 50+ students. The project ended up bagging the highest number of awards. Talal was awarded the Best CEO award for his dedication and leadership skills. Talal launched several revolutionary initiatives including the FIRST NFT fundraiser at the university level and an e-commerce merchandize store. 

The Lahore School of Economics Entrepreneurial and Business Society (LSE-EBS) society focuses on promoting new business ideas. It is the largest society of the Lahore School of Economics.

Talal served as the Vice President of the society, working on operations, marketing and outreach for the society. Talal was leading a team of more than 50 members in the society.