Talal has been actively involved in youth-centered initiatives. He strives to uplift the youth of his country through content creation, mentorship, and consultancy.

He also regularly delivers sessions and appears on podcasts to talk on everything entrepreneurship, marketing and branding.


Kumak Podcast

Talal was invited to be a part of the Kumak Podcasts, an initiative by the Lahore School of Economics students to raise awareness on digital inclusion in educational curriculum at school and university levels. Talal also talked on how students can create a career in digital marketing.


Best CEO Award Winner

Through elections, Talal was appointed as the CEO of his class at the university level. Talal was leading a team of 55 students and was competing against more than 200 students in the batch. Talal’s class bagged the highest number of awards for the competition and Talal received the best CEO award for his achievements. There were 4 contenders for the award.


Edversity Personal Branding Session

Talal delivered an extensive 2-week workshop to students on personal branding. He also mentored and coached students on how to become better entrepreneurs and find the purpose and vision of life. 


Best Idea in Social Entrepreneurship Award

Talal’s social entrepreneurship idea was highlighted and appreciated by top entrepreneurs and the university admission. His startup was awarded the best social entrepreneurship start-up runner up award for his exceptional business model and marketing strategies, amongst 200+ startup ideas.